Since it is due to my teacher’s kindness

I have met with the teaching of the unexcelled teacher,

I dedicate this virtue too towards the cause

For all beings to be sustained by sublime spiritual mentors.


May the teaching of this Beneficent One till world’s end

Be unshaken by the winds of evil thoughts;

May it always be filled with those who find conviction

In the teacher by understanding the teaching’s true nature.


May I never falter even for an instant

To uphold the excellent way of the Sage,

Which illuminates the principle of dependent origination,

Through all my births even giving away my body and life.


May I spend day and night carefully reflecting,

“By what means can I enhance

This teaching achieved by the supreme savior

Through strenuous efforts over countless eons?”


As I strive in this with pure intention,

May Brahma, Indra and the world’s guardians

And protectors such as Mahakala

Unswervingly, always assist me.


~In Praise of Dependent Origination by Je Tsongkhapa


About Author: Je Yabse Sungbum